What is Jurdu?

Jurdu is a digital media platform and community for lawyers and law students. We focus solely on providing career, professional development, and lifestyle content uniquely suited to the modern lawyer and law student.

Our Mission

At Jurdu, we know lawyers and law students are unique. They think, work, and live differently than anyone else—and they face challenges no one else does.

We launched Jurdu to be a home base for the modern lawyer, a place where lawyers (and future lawyers) can gather to engage, learn, share, find guidance, and have a little fun. From career development to lifestyle changes, we help lawyers find the content and community they need to live better, in and out of the office.

Our Product

Take control and create your own path across our five essential Pillars.

Work + Growth Money Health Community + Relationships Fun + Lifestyle
Work + Growth

Your professional and personal growth starts here. Research-backed content to help you improve your work life, set professional goals, and get better at handling the challenges that work—and life—throw at you.


Easy, practical content aimed at helping lawyers handle their unique financial status, advantages, and setbacks for a more secure financial future. “Money” includes financial basics for lawyers, debt and loan management, budgeting, goal setting, and navigating the world of wealth and financial professionals to stay on track.


Diverse, applicable range of advice and guidance on maintaining mental and physical health in the fast-paced, high-stress legal field. “Health” includes nutrition, exercises, work and life balance, stress management, and mindfulness topics that are easily integrated in a busy lifestyle to help lawyers feel and think their best.

Community + Relationships

Straightforward, expert guidance for building stronger personal and professional relationships and support systems. “Community & Relationships” includes topics such as romantic relationships, professional networks, and making time for friendships and family.

Fun + Lifestyle

Engaging, light-hearted content focused on helping lawyers explore the benefits and options for leisure time and recreation. “Fun & Leisure” includes tips to exploring creative activities, pursuing hobbies and interests, and integrating enjoyable experiences into a goal-focused professional lifestyle.

We’ve structured Jurdu to encourage you to be proactive in improving your work life, setting professional goals, and balancing the challenges that work—and life—throw at you. And we want you to enjoy yourself while doing it!

Diagnostic Quizzes

You can take our lighter quizzes just for fun, or you can use them to assess your skills, traits, and personality to help us guide you toward relevant information and actions. Our goal is for you to improve in the key areas that you care about most and that will have the most positive impact on your life.

Exclusive Peer Community

As part of our Sidebar community, engage with like-minded lawyers across practice groups and experience levels, both in your region and nationwide. Leverage knowledge sharing and learn what works (and what doesn’t) from lawyers just like you. Exchange tips and funny stories about what not to do, and the hilarious way you learned. You can enter contests and win prizes, too!

Based Specifically on You

Based on your current status in each key area and your behavior on the site, we recommend additional content to keep you moving forward and improving, especially in the areas you find most interesting.

A Place to Take a Break

Let’s face it, Counselor, you need a break. Take a minute to watch an adorable kitten video, chuckle at one of our all-too-accurate comics, meditate, or even plan your next vacation. When we say we help you live better, we mean it: Laughter, rest, and a moment to breathe are important for everyone, but especially important for hardworking legal types.

Suggested Actions

Based on your interests, online behavior, and goals, we propose real-world actions to get you where you want to go in specific, key areas.

Curated Content

Noticed there’s a lot to keep up with out there lately? With Selected by Jurdu, we scour resources far and wide so you don’t have to. We find you non-Jurdu content that you otherwise would have missed and that you’ll find highly relevant to your work and personal life.

Register to have full access to all Jurdu features, including progress tracking, suggested actions to take in real life, bookmarking, as well as access to our exclusive community, Sidebar, through which you can connect with and learn from other lawyers and law students like you, and also enter contests to win prizes.

The Team

We’re former practicing lawyers. We’ve worked closely with and guided lawyers and law students.
And we want to help every current and future lawyer live better.

Sang Lee
Founder + CEO

Sang is the Co-Founder and CEO of Jurdu. For over two decades, Sang has been helping lawyers and their firms connect and thrive through her work at SJL Attorney Search and Volta Talent Strategies LLC. Now she’s focused on helping all lawyers with their professional and personal development by making Jurdu their home base to learn, connect, and improve, while building a team that is singularly focused on that mission.

Jon Strom
Founder + COO

Jon is the Co-Founder and COO of Jurdu. Jon spent several years as a lawyer, practicing M&A at Simpson Thacher in NYC before advising start-ups on his own, then returning to Simpson as the firm’s Corporate Training Manager, where he developed lawyers as well as his own interest in the world of legal professional development. Now he’s focused on helping lawyers achieve the better professional and personal lives they deserve.

Contact Jon to discuss potential partnerships or advertising opportunities to reach our audience of lawyers of law students.

Shea Datts
Content Director

Shea is Jurdu’s Content Director. Her main focus is making sure all of Jurdu’s content is fresh, relevant, practical and engaging.

Contact Shea if you have some great ideas for content you’d like to see on Jurdu, or are a content creator interested in becoming a contributor.