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How to Make the Most of Your LinkedIn Profile

  • Making sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date is important
  • Utilize all of LinkedIn’s helpful features
  • Make sure your profile is free of typos and be sure to use the space wisely

If you’re a college student, a law school student, or a lawyer, having a professional LinkedIn profile is essential.

Not only does your LinkedIn profile serve as a way to stay connected to those you’ve worked with in the past, but also as an extension of your resume for any potential future employers. LinkedIn is a great way to have all your work experience, skills, and connections together on one platform.

Skills and Endorsements

One of the most useful features on LinkedIn is the Skills section. This gives you the option of adding anything you may have abilities in (e.g., Microsoft Excel, foreign languages, etc.) and the endorsement feature allows anyone to confirm that you are indeed good at those things. The Skills section can help to assure potential employers that you know how to do the things they need done in the position they’re trying to fill.

Review Your Connections

Who you’re connected with on LinkedIn is important to consider. LinkedIn isn’t like Facebook where you connect with all your family members, every acquaintance from high school or college, and even strangers. Since LinkedIn is a professional site, be sure to use it only to connect with those who relate to your career to make it as beneficial as possible.

Professional Profile Picture

The picture that you choose to represent yourself professionally can make a huge impact. Be mindful of what you’re wearing and how your hair is styled—neat and office-appropriate is the look you’re going for. Consider having a professional photo shoot to help make a good first impression on potential employers.

Get Rid of Typos

Don’t let an unnecessary typo mar an otherwise excellent profile. Triple-check your grammar, sentence structure, and spelling. Spellcheck isn’t enough; it’s imperative that you thoroughly proofread your entire profile, and then get a friend whose editing abilities you trust to take a look at it. Employers are notoriously turned off by errors that could have easily been caught.

Don’t Waste Space

Your LinkedIn profile summary is a great chance to put your best self forward. With only so many characters, don’t add anything unnecessary or try to use unnecessarily fancy words in long, overly complicated sentences. People looking at your profile don’t want to read a novel, so keep things succinct and relevant.

Keep it up to Date

Don’t forget about your LinkedIn profile. While at a comfortable job, one can often forget about their profile and leave it untouched for months or years at a time. Even if you’re not looking for a new job, keeping your profile up to date can help you in the future. If and when you find yourself in a position to look for a new job, it’ll be easier to do so with a profile you’ve been updating all along.

Publish Good Posts

Publishing your own posts is an important part of growing your LinkedIn profile. Current connections get notified when you write posts and if people interact with it, your post will show up in their connections’ feeds. Showing up in the feeds of those who aren’t yet connected to you is important and can help you gain more connections and recognition. LinkedIn is an excellent way to showcase your legal expertise and talk up your business.

Don’t be Afraid to Send Invites

Don’t be afraid to send invitations to connect. Whether it’s an old colleague or a current boss, everyone knows the importance of LinkedIn and will welcome an invite from you. So don’t be afraid to expand your network and connect with as many people as possible.

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