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Make a Difference as a Youth Mentor

  • Youth mentoring is a volunteering opportunity for those who would like to make a difference in a young person’s life
  • There are national organizations that can find the right kind of mentoring situation for you, taking your schedule into account
  • Mentoring young people is an excellent way to help ensure the future success of your community

When lawyers speak about mentoring, they are usually referencing a professional mentorship with a more experienced lawyer who can give career advice and impart their wisdom to a less experienced lawyer.

Youth mentoring, however, is a way to give back to the young people of your community by being a caring, stable role model in a child’s life, often—but not necessarily—through a volunteer organization.

People in well-respected positions, such as doctors, lawyers, and business owners, are quite sought after for this type of volunteering opportunity. If you’re a good listener, willing to lend your time and support, and are genuinely interested in focusing on young people, mentoring might be the perfect way you can give back in a manner you are passionate about.

There are many national organizations, such as the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and MENTOR, that can find the right kind of program for those who are interested.

As a lawyer, your schedule is busy and your free time is limited. Various programs will take your schedule into account and figure out how to use the time you do have as effectively as possible—such as acting as a debate coach for a group of underprivileged youth preparing to debate constitutional law points.

Mentoring young people is a hands-on, proven way to give back to the community and help to ensure its future success. There is great value in getting youth on the road to becoming productive members of society, especially those who have little assistance and guidance otherwise.

What's Next

Over the next month, look into youth mentoring opportunities that might work for you. Try the organizations mentioned in the article, as well as local organizations in your community.