What’s Jurdu?

Jurdu is a digital media platform and community for lawyers and law students. We focus solely on providing career, development, and lifestyle content and commentary that is uniquely suited to the modern lawyer. Our mission is to help lawyers live better both professionally and personally.

Jurdu sounds cool, but what does it mean?

The name Jurdu comes from two Latin roots that sum up our mission to help lawyers live better. The Latin root Jur meaning “law” and a shortened version of the root word Dux meaning “guide” or “leader”. We want to be that expert guide to lead you to a better lawyer life, both in the professional and personal realms.

Why did you start Jurdu?

Lawyers think, work, and live differently than anyone else—and they face challenges no one else does. We launched Jurdu to be a home base for the modern lawyer and for those in the process of becoming one (or thinking about it). We envisioned a place where current and future lawyers could gather to engage, learn, share, and find guidance to help them improve their professional and personal lives. All lawyers and law students deserve satisfying, fulfilling lives in the office/classroom and outside of it.

Lawyers are great and all, but isn’t there a Shakespeare quote that’s not so positive? If he didn’t like them, why do you want to help them?

First of all, that Shakespeare quote has long been taken out of context. The reason why it was suggested to first “kill all the lawyers” was that was seen as the quickest way to disrupt law and order in the pursuit of power and influence. In short, that line acknowledges the important role and responsibility of lawyers, and the tremendous positive (or negative, if they’re gone) effect they can have on society. So, that’s one reason to help them, and also we’ve all either worked with or for lawyers at various times in our careers. Having experienced just how difficult a job it is to balance demands from all sides, including increasingly demanding clients, it became apparent to us that lawyers could benefit from practical, expert guidance to get them to a better place.

How is Jurdu different from other career and lifestyle sites out there?

We believe lawyers face unique issues in balancing the essential aspects of their lives. Generalist career or lifestyle sites aren’t able to provide realistic and practical information that lawyers can actually use.

We’ve not only worked with lawyers, but have also lived the lifestyle ourselves. As a result, we’ve built a platform that distinctly helps lawyers across the areas of their lives that have the most impact.

Do lawyers really need help?

Yes! We know that lawyers are smart, resourceful, hard-working, and committed to their jobs. Unfortunately, we know that many lawyers are also not as satisfied with their professional and personal lifestyles as they could be. Lawyers also tend to have a hard time getting started and then, when they do, keeping their positive momentum going, as their own priorities often conflict with their professional ones.

We believe that Jurdu can empower lawyers to make the connections and changes they’ve been waiting for, and that they can finally take control of improving their lives, both professionally and personally.

How can you actually help me?

We’ve distilled all we’ve learned and experienced in law, and combined that with market research and best practices. The result is a site distinctly suited for lawyers to help them increase their knowledge and satisfaction across the areas of their lives that have the most impact.

What type of areas do you cover?

We’ve created a framework for members to evaluate and improve the most important aspects of that research has shown is most impactful in contributing to professional and personal satisfaction. The result is a holistic approach that focuses on five, interconnected Pillars:

  • Work + Growth
  • Money
  • Health
  • Fun + Lifestyle
  • Community + Relationships

The site includes comprehensive content in each Pillar, and we are constantly adding new content available exclusively to Premium Members.

What are some of the features of the site that are different from others?

The site is built specifically with lawyers in mind to guide them toward improvement and satisfaction in crucial aspects of their professional and personal lives.

Based off of our onboarding quiz, diagnostic quizzes, and the Pillars they’re most interested in working on, we make customized recommendations for personal goals. Other features of the site include Reflection Points, Action Items, and a Progress Tracker, which are is vital to create enduring, positive behavioral change.

In addition, through our Sidebar community section, users can engage with like-minded lawyers of various experience levels and across practice areas to further motivate and guide their growth and development.

Am I the right type of lawyer for Jurdu?

We can’t answer definitively for everyone, but if you’re starting out your legal career or are in the middle of it, most likely you’ll find a large chunk of our content to be relevant, engaging, and useful in your lawyer life. We even provide help for more senior attorneys and law students, too.

We cover different aspects of a lawyer’s life, regardless of stage, experience, employer, or practice area. We are launching to site with a free trial so people can access our content and unique framework, and judge for themselves.

I like being a lawyer and I like my job (most of the time). Is this site still for me?

Absolutely. Jurdu is not a site for changing careers or leaving law entirely, and we don’t pretend to know beforehand what is right for you. There’s plenty of content for lawyers that are happy with their legal careers, particularly in the area of professional development, as well as comprehensive lifestyle content.

Should I be worried that my employer might find out I’m on this site?

No. You’ll be anonymous to other members on the site. Although we do ask you to provide general information about your background, such as the type of employer you work for, we don’t ask for any specifics and don’t share any personally identifying information with other members, or anyone else.

Why do you ask us to provide additional background information? Why can’t I just pick a screen name and participate in discussions only using that.

We think connecting with others is essential, which is why it’s a whole Pillar and we also have a section devoted to knowledge-sharing and discussion. However, we think the interactions have to be thoughtful and candid, and that the participants need to be fully engaged, for discussions to be truly productive.

We think knowing something about the person (or people) you’re talking to encourages that type of positive conversation and exchange of ideas, so we ask you to provide certain additional information about yourself in a way that is not personally identifying.

What if I want to talk to an actual person about the content on the site?

In the future, we are planning to add the ability to connect with someone to chat and/or talk about the topics and issues we cover on the site. We think this will be a great way to supplement all you learn and do through the exclusive site content by further tailoring our ability to help you and troubleshoot specific issues in real-time.

Can I access Jurdu from my phone?

Yes, the site is “responsive” on mobile, so you can engage with our site, content, and community when you’re on the move.

I’m encountering technical issues, what should I do?

We’re sorry for the inconvenience. We know how valuable a your time is. Please email support@jurdu.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can to help resolve your issue.