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10 Travel Products You Didn’t Know You Needed

  • There are plenty of products that can make traveling for both business and pleasure easier
  • Hanging toiletry bags, packing cubes, a collapsible water bottle…you need these things!
  • Luggage straps will change your life!

Whether you travel for pleasure or travel for while representing your firm, you want the experience to be as smooth as possible.

Certain products can make all the difference as you navigate your way through an airport and set up your hotel room for maximum comfort. To follow is a list of products you won’t believe you lived without once you make them a regular part of your travel repertoire.

  1. Laptop backpack with a charging port. These professional-looking, water-resistant bags get a lot done for you: The bags feature a USB charging port; combination locks for antitheft protection; and multiple compartments with space for your laptop, cellphone, and keys, not to mention a stack of briefs and other documents. You can find a bag that suits every budget, with many styles starting around $30 and fancier ones going up to about $400.
  2. Hanging toiletry bag. Hanging toiletry bags are waterproof and include several compartments to hold everything you need. They can be used for both men’s and women’s personal care products, and most brands come in several different colors.
  3. Travel shoe bags. Pack your shoes without worrying about getting dirt from their soles on your clothes and other items. These reusable bags will last you for years.
  4. Collapsible luggage scale. Designed for travelers to easily and accurately weigh luggage in the hotel room instead of frantically trying to figure out how to redistribute pieces to make the weight limit at the airport. These scales don’t need batteries and usually include a measuring tape.
  5. Small electronic cord organizer. Stop losing or tangling all your cords. These organizers hold several cords and include pockets for your computer mouse, USB sticks, and other small electronic items.
  6. Packing cubes. I mean…do we have to tell you how great packing cubes are and why it’s nuts that you haven’t been using them? Different-sized bags help you to organize your belongings, quickly find what you need when it’s time to unpack, and even fit more into your luggage.
  7. Mini fabric steamer. A mini fabric steamer can feel like a miracle when you need to look professional and unwrinkled. These little dynamos usually weigh less than two pounds, so they aren’t a burden to bring along on any trip.
  8. Collapsible water bottle. Save the planet and your wallet by never buying another plastic water bottle. Another drawback of bringing a bottle of water on a trip is the hassle of carrying it. These water bottles are rollable and foldable and perfect for every travel situation.
  9. Compact travel umbrella. An umbrella isn’t an amazing, groundbreaking suggestion, but having a tiny one in your bag just in case is a great idea. You’ll certainly never regret bringing it.
  10. Luggage straps. Hook a luggage strap onto your carry-on and attach your backpack, jacket, or purse to it, leaving your hands free. The straps usually come in a variety of colors.