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Celebrate Your Freedom from the Job You Hated

  • Getting a new job after wanting to get out of your old one for a long time deserves some celebration
  • Have a party, take a weekend trip, or buy yourself something special
  • Don’t forget to stick to a budget when celebrating or treating yourself

We’ve all been there: Stuck in a job you can’t stand, working with people you would rather not be around.

But then, the heavens open, your diligent searching and interviewing pay off, and you find a new, more satisfying job to save you from your annoying colleagues and overbearing, inflexible partners. So why not celebrate your freedom from that job and firm you absolutely hated? There’s nothing wrong with making a big deal about a new start, especially if you’ve been trying to get there for a while.

Have a Party

You don’t need to have an over-the-top, black-tie gala, but an intimate dinner party or drinks with friends is a great way to celebrate getting away from your last position and starting something new. You’ll have a bunch of built-in toasts to look forward to throughout the night. Just remember not to spend too much, no matter how much better your new salary is.

Alert Your People

Update your social media, being careful not to disparage your former firm, of course. Let people know what your new role will be, and what parts of it you’re especially looking forward to. Directly contact mentors and those in your professional network who you leaned on for advice and contacts. If you’re able, pay it forward: Offer advice and encouragement to others in your network who might be experiencing the same job desperation you were.

Take a Weekend Trip

Your family, friends, and/or significant other have had to listen to you complain about the junior associate who won’t stop talking or the senior partner who is never satisfied for months—why not reward them with a fun trip for the weekend? Take your wife to a luxurious beach resort, your kids to an amusement park, or your besties on a camping trip. Celebrating a new beginning with a trip can be just the thing if you can work it into your budget and can be a creative way to say “thank you” to those who helped to keep you sane once you left the office each day.

Treat Yourself

Do something or buy something special for yourself—within reason, of course! Think of small, yet pleasurable things you can do for yourself not only to celebrate finally leaving an environment that made you unhappy, but to treat yourself after what was surely a stressful time. A full-body massage, a mani-pedi, a new piece from your favorite boutique, or simply eating your favorite dessert should do the trick.