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Cool Gifts for the Lawyer Dad

  • The average lawyer dad is ridiculously busy; buy him gifts that can make his life easier
  • A portable charger, gourmet coffee beans, or Bose headphones are great gifts
  • If you give any lawyer dad gifts to help him relax, he’ll be sure to appreciate you

If you know a lawyer who’s a dad, you already know he’s got crazy hours, a hectic work life, and a heavy workload.

Whether you’re looking for birthday gifts or a way to celebrate a dad on Father’s Day, make the most of it with some cool gifts that are perfectly suited to a lawyer dad, from bar sets to Bose.

A Bar Set

If the lawyer dad you know comes home and craves a stiff drink, look for a set of bar tools to make sure his cocktails are perfectly made. If he’s still shaking his martinis (contrary to what James Bond might think, this is a huge no-no) or not measuring his drinks, you’ll want to get him set up with the essentials. At the very least, grab a jigger, a bar spoon, a mixing glass, a shaker, and a strainer, or find a set that includes all of these, and if you’re feeling extra generous, get him started with some basic bitters (look for Angostura or Peychaud’s) or a good bottle of bourbon.

A Portable Charger

Everybody panics when their phone starts to die, and lawyers are no exception, especially when they need minute-to-minute updates on their latest cases. Grab the fathers in your life a high-powered portable charger (Anker’s portable chargers are among the most highly regarded) and a USB cable to match so that no matter where they go, they’ve always got some juice.

Packing Cubes and a Dopp Kit

If your dad is always heading out of town for conferences or meetings, he might need a little help packing. Some dads are super meticulous with their suits and ties, but some might just casually toss everything into a bag without a second thought, which is where packing cubes and Dopp kits come in. Help him organize his clothes with cubes and keep his toiletries safe and dry with a Dopp kit. You can grab both from Away, known for their modern suitcases and great price points.

A Coravin

Traditional wine savers are great for dads who love their pinot noir but don’t want the whole bottle, but a Coravin takes that a step further, especially if the guy you’re buying for has some really pricey bottles in his collection. If he’s craving a glass of that super-old Brunello that his partners gave him for Christmas but doesn’t want to open the whole bottle and let it oxidize, get him a Coravin wine system, which uses a needle to extract a glass of wine through the cork itself, preserving older, expensive bottles for years to come.

What’s the best gift you ever got for the lawyer dad in your life? What’s the worst?

A Pour-Over Coffee Pot and Great Coffee Beans

Some dads are just fine with a basic pot of drip coffee, but if you want to buy a gift for a dad who’s a more advanced coffee drinker, get him the gear he needs for that perfect cup. Pour-over pots, Chemex carafes, and Aeropress coffee makers are all awesome options, but the most important thing is to make sure he’s got a great bag of joe to go with his new toys. Look for cool local brands or order directly from famous brands like Stumptown and La Colombe, which ship nationwide. Whether the dad in your life is enjoying his coffee with the Sunday Times or throwing it in a to-go mug before running out the door on his way to court, he’ll appreciate that you helped him make the best cup possible.

Bose Headphones

Being a lawyer can be hectic, overwhelming, and stressful, so when your partner needs to unwind, he probably doesn’t want to spend another second in crowded, loud rooms. Even if you’ve got a hectic household, he can still get away with his favorite tunes or podcasts with a great pair of noise-canceling headphones, and everyone knows Bose makes the best in the game. Grab him a pair and a carrying case and give him the freedom to relax and find some peace and quiet.