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Cool Things Firms Do With Their Summer Associates Every Summer

  • Summer associate programs offer plenty of cool events and fun activities
  • Broadway shows, sailing on Chesapeake Bay, and attendance at the Tony Awards are just a few of the big-ticket activities some firms participate in
  • You should also expect community service opportunities and various diversity events

It’s summer associate program time!

Many firms are quite tight-lipped about the specific activities their current summer associate programs will include. However, you can get a good feel for the type of fun each firm likes to engage in by looking into what they’ve done in previous years. Every summer associate program has dinners and cocktail parties at lawyers’ homes, but take a look at the other activities you can expect:

  • Concerts and Broadway Shows. Concerts are not that unusual, but excellent tickets to Broadway shows are not something that everyone gets their hands on. If anyone is going to throw these around, it’s going to be the New York firms. This is an opportunity every associate should take if they can.
  • Cooking Classes and Wine Tastings. Cooking classes and wine tastings are popular activities offered by most firms. Some firms will even host cooking competitions between associates, Iron Chef style. Wine tastings can be a casual affair at a local establishment, or a swanky day trip with all transportation and meals included.
What kinds of activities do you think is most conducive to bringing people together and allowing summer associates to truly get to know a firm’s lawyers—while, of course, having a great time?
  • There’s nothing like sports to bring people together. Major league baseball seems to be the most popular sport that firms provide tickets to. Sheppard Mullin and Akin Gump are particularly fond of baseball, and Steptoe takes associates sailing on the Chesapeake Bay.
  • Specialty Events. This is where firms can really shine. Proskauer has been known to take summer associates to the Tony Awards!
  • Community Service. Every firm has their own community service projects for associates. Kasowitz Benson Torres, for instance, participates in several charitable events through Meals on Wheels every year.
  • Diversity Events. Just about every firm offers various diversity events specifically for underrepresented populations. They can be excellent networking opportunities.