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Every Lawyer Needs a Hobby

  • It’s important to make time in your busy schedule for hobbies: They’re good for your mental health and can make you more productive at work
  • You can use sports hobbies to network while getting exercise
  • Playing an instrument or writing fiction can be fulfilling hobbies

I know, I know—you are skeptically staring at the screen, wondering how on earth you could possibly be expected to fit a hobby into your jam-packed schedule.

The answer to that is: Figure it out, because it’s not only important for your health, but also for your career. Now is a great time to make spending time on a hobby a necessary part of your schedule.

Hobbies Have Many Benefits

The benefits of having a hobby are many. Hobbies help you destress, feel more creative, and keep burnout at bay. You’ll feel more emotionally healthy if your life consists of elements that are just for your enjoyment. In addition, you’ll be more productive at the office if you do something other than work in your waking hours. The perks to being a well-rounded person who has interests other than tort reform and who has read something other than briefs and contracts in the past year cannot be overstated.

And since lawyers love both efficiency and networking, consider that your hobbies can often do double duty. If you play in a soccer league or on a basketball team, you may find clients or other contacts while getting some exercise. If you brew your own beer or become a wine connoisseur, you’ll make friends and contacts that way. A hobby can be a purposeless activity of pure joy—but it certainly doesn’t have to be. Just find something you like (or something you like but have gotten out of practice with, like that guitar in your closet) and start dedicating some time to it. If networking opportunities come along with it, that’s great!

Looking at taking up a hobby as an investment in your personal well-being that can often have a positive effect on your professional life—whether directly or indirectly–what’s the first thing that comes to mind that might interest you?

Some Great Hobby Ideas for Lawyers

  • Sports are a fun way to get exercise after sitting hunched over at desk all week. Team sports, like volleyball or baseball or great for making connections and new friends. Running alone or with a partner is another option for those that want a quieter experience.
  • This is another activity that can be done alone or with a group. Your hobby can consist of picking up where you left off with piano lessons or the violin, throwing together a band with a few friends, or joining a choir.
  • It might be hard to imagine writing anything after reading contracts, drafting briefs, and sending emails all day, but writing can be the perfect hobby for lawyers who like words. Create a poem, a short fiction story, or even song lyrics.

What's Next

Engage in something you enjoy—running, scrapbooking, tinkering with an old car—at least once this week. Find areas in your schedule where you can make room to engage in your hobby on a regular basis. Note how you feel after doing so regularly.