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Fun (and Appropriate) Costumes for Lawyers

  • If your firm is Halloween-friendly, take advantage! Dressing up is a great way to lighten the mood at work and bond with your co-workers
  • Consider dressing up as your favorite on-screen lawyer or collaborating with other co-workers on a group costume. Avoid religious or controversial figures
  • If you have client meetings or aren’t sure costumes are ok, don’t take the chance

It’s almost time for Halloween—one of the few holidays where you get to feel like a kid again and just focus on silliness.

For those who love the season, it’s great to have a Halloween-friendly firm that doesn’t mind lawyers dressing up. Taking advantage of such a policy can give you a chance to express your creativity and even bond with your co-workers. So don’t be discouraged from dressing up because you’re having trouble coming up with a costume you can wear to work. There are plenty of creative, unique—and most importantly—appropriate Halloween costumes to choose from. Be sure to confirm that not only is dressing up at your firm ok to do, but that people actually participate. You don’t want to be the only one!

Stick with the Traditional Halloween Theme

Reinventing a timeless Halloween classic is always a great idea. Think witches, vampires, ghosts, grim reapers, jack-o-lanterns, candy, even animals. A masked costume may even be a possibility; just make sure you can easily remove any masks or wigs for important meetings. You don’t want to sit across from a senior partner with a gigantic, flamboyant wig stuck on your head. Also, it’s probably best to stay away from excessive face painting or fake blood during the day. You can always bring some makeup or accessories with you to the office if you want to boost your look just in time for happy hour.

Your Favorite Attorney Characters

There are plenty of lawyers from TV, movies, and pop culture who would be a quirky idea to embrace for Halloween. This is an especially great idea if you want to put in effort, but don’t really have a ton of time to dedicate to a costume. For ladies, this is can be a really fun way to channel Notorious RBG or wear all pink to work as Elle Woods. As long as you stay away from someone who is too political or controversial, and don’t bring in an actual Chihuahua to the office, you should be fine.

Your Other Favorite On-Screen Characters

There really are endless possibilities when it comes to movie and television characters. The good news is that many of them make perfectly appropriate Halloween costumes. Are you a Game of Thrones fan and want to embrace Jon Snow, Daenerys, or even Queen Cersei? Or perhaps you’re a big fan of superhero movies. Plenty of other types of characters’ costumes can also easily be adapted to an office setting, such as James Bond, Men in Black, Don Draper, Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Mary Poppins, etc.

Funny Puns

Speaking of on-screen characters, take a note or two from Jim Halpert’s (from The Office) 3-hole-punch Halloween costume. Dressing up as a pun will give you the chance to be unique and still remain appropriate for the workplace. Tape Smarties candies to your pants and you’re now “smarty-pants” or maybe stick 50 actual palette shades of grey to your shirt for an appropriate “50 Shades of Grey” costume. You could also bring some gold medals and a loaf of bread to work and explain that you’re a “bread-winner.” These punny costumes are sure to get a laugh—and likely more than one groan—around the office.

Collaborate with Co-Workers

Try coordinating your Halloween costume with some co-workers. It’s a fun way to bond with your work buddies and ensure you won’t be the only person dressed up at the office. There is an infinite amount of ideas you could draw from to come up with a group costume. Think about going as Jim and Dwight (again, from The Office), Ghostbusters, a fruit bowl, or maybe members of a favorite band or group of friends from a popular show.

Just Be Sure to Avoid

As a lawyer, you should have enough sense to know which Halloween costumes are either office appropriate or can be tweaked into something appropriate. Still, it’s a good idea to err on the side of caution and avoid anything that might get you fired. First, refrain from anything too political or controversial. Stay away from any politicians, religious figures, or controversial celebrities that some people might find offensive to see someone prancing around dressed up as, especially if the point is that they have different beliefs or viewpoints than your own. And this should be obvious: No painting your face to depict someone of another race.

If you have client meetings to attend or sense anything other than enthusiastic encouragement of costumes at the office, skip it altogether. It’s simply not worth the disapproval of your superiors and possible embarrassment.

Many store-bought Halloween costumes for women can tend towards the risqué. Make sure whatever you dress up as covers the majority of your body and doesn’t evoke any sexual themes. Finally, while props are usually great accessories to a costume, refrain from anything too messy, such as face paint or fake blood. It’s also not a good idea to carry around weapons like a fake gun, axe, or whip. Remember to keep things light and fun—in the spirit of Halloween!