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Get Help with Your Legal Wardrobe: For the Gentlemen

  • Let professional stylists help you construct your work wardrobe
  • Online stylists like Frank And Oak and Trunk Club help you find stylish, work-appropriate pieces—and you don’t need to spend a bunch of time shopping!
  • You can create a signature look without much effort

No one knows better than lawyers how important it is to have an educated, experienced professional when you need help with something specific.

Lawyers also know how crucial it is to make the right impression in front of clients, judges, juries, and even colleagues. Dressing the part is step one.

Lawyers may be intelligent and skilled in a lot of areas, but no one is good at everything. Fashion doesn’t come easy to everyone—and of course, we don’t all love shopping. Most lawyers barely have time to shop for groceries, much less try on piles of clothing that look good but don’t break the budget. Luckily, just as we can shop for groceries online, we can get quality workwear online, too—with the help of a professional stylist to make sure we end up with exactly what we need, and, of course, that we look great.

Trunk Club

Trunk Club dresses both men and women, and offers Nordstrom clothing, shoes, and accessories brands at a discount. You’ll complete your style profile and chat with a stylist who will create a trunk of ten pieces for you. You’ll preview their choices and your trunk will be sent out after you amend or approve the pieces. You can use the service whenever you like or set up a regular delivery schedule. Trunk Club is easy on the budget, and includes casual clothing options if you’re looking for more than just workwear. You can also schedule an in-person styling appointment at locations in several cities, where you can use their Trunk Club Custom service, which offers shirts, trousers, suits, tuxedos, sport coats, and top coats made specifically for you.

Frank And Oak

Frank And Oak is an environmentally conscious clothing company with both men’s and women’s styles. You can shop it a la carte or sign up for their monthly subscription service, skipping months as you go. There are interesting color choices for guys working in less stodgy, traditional offices, and they choose several pieces for you per month. Frank And Oak has a young, fashion-forward yet comfortable vibe, and includes accessories.

Gentleman’s Box

Gentleman’s Box is a fun service—each box “honors a noteworthy gentleman from the past or present,” with four or five unique pieces selected to “reflect the carefully crafted image of that month’s honored gentleman.” You sign up for a monthly subscription that can be paused or skipped at any time. The focus is on accessories and lifestyle products, with each box usually containing a high-quality tie and fancy socks, as well as things like a messenger bag, cologne, a belt, sunglasses, a tie clip, and the like. Gentleman’s Box is helpful for finding those little extras to inject some personality into your daily work wear.

The beauty of working with stylists is not only that they choose things based on your likes, dislikes, and specifications, but they can help you create a signature look without much effort on your part. Once you have a decent amount of quality pieces and professional advice on what to pair them with, you’ll better understand what works and how to incorporate those pieces into your existing wardrobe.