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The Best Firm Swag

  • Swag staples, like backpacks and portable phone chargers, are extremely useful
  • Newer items, such as a phone wallet or metal straws, follow current trends
  • Fun swag is a definite perk of any legal job!

Every year, law firms come out with new and improved swag, ranging from beach towels to hand sanitizer to backpacks.

Here are some of the coolest and most useful swag that law firms are giving away this year!

Reusable Metal Straws: With efforts to stop the use of plastic straws growing over the past few years, paper and metal straws have become much more popular. Many people have embraced metal straws over paper since they don’t become soggy in drinks, and sales in metal straws have skyrocketed. Usually, they fold up and can be carried conveniently in a bag or backpack. Due to their recent popularity and practicality, metal straws are the perfect swag for summers.

Travel Backpacks: Useful items, such as a backpack, are always a staple in law firm swag. Not only is a backpack convenient for carrying around work files, but it can also serve as a gym bag or overnight bag. Since backpacks are so versatile, you can never have too many. They’re also a nice way to rep your firm without being too in-your-face about it.

Phone Wallets: In recent years, the silicone pockets that adhere to the back of any cell phone have become increasingly popular, especially among students. These pockets fit drivers’ licenses, credit cards, and any other similarly shaped cards. The ease of having your most used cards always on hand makes this is a great swag item to give out.

Portable Phone Chargers: Since summer associates need to be prepared to respond to emails from partners or associates at any time, having your phone charged at all times is a must. Carrying one of these small, convenient, portable chargers means you never have to fear having your phone die while you’re out and about.

Pop-Socket: Phone accessories are only getting more popular. Pop-Sockets stick to the back of your phone and make it easier to grip while on a phone call, taking pictures, or just holding your phone. Yet again, this is a very practical swag item. It’s also unique since not many firms have used them for branding.

Luggage Tag: Another very practical swag item is a luggage tag. Almost everyone travels but not everyone uses luggage tags. They tend to be very underrated, with a ton of people overlooking how helpful they can be. If your bag gets lost, a luggage tag ties you to your bag and is also a great way to recognize your bags if they look similar to others.

Quarter-Zip Fleece: Comfortable clothing items are a must for many firms when they’re considering what kind of swag to give out. T-shirts are fundamental, waffle-knit long sleeves are a basic, but firms rarely give out sweatshirts. Fleeces are warm, stylish, and can be essential for studying in freezing libraries or long days in a cold office.