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Top Vacation Destinations for Going Truly Off the Grid

  • You don’t necessarily have to travel far to find a vacation spot off the grid—there are plenty of escapes to be found in the U.S.
  • No matter if you travel alone or with the family, it’s possible to plan trips that allow (or sometimes force) you to put down your phone
  • Whether you vacation somewhere on the beaten path or off, it’s important for your mental health to disconnect from work when you can

Sure, you might technically leave the office at 7 p.m., but let’s be real: Thanks to that iPhone in your briefcase, you’re never really off the clock.

After all, as lawyers, we’re ready to answer to clients at all hours of the day or night. It’s what we signed up for.

Unfortunately, sometimes that’s the case when we’re on vacation, too. That’s a problem, because lawyers need time away from work to disconnect and reenergize. It’s important to get the most out of time away from the office by truly getting away—and often, the best vacation options for doing so are the ones that take you off the grid.

Here, in no particular order, are 10 of our favorites.


The best way to experience Alaska is by cruise ship. Why? Because many of the cities and towns across the state aren’t connected by roads—boats and planes are literally the only way to travel between them. Alaska is great for lawyers who like a little adventure. A typical vacation might include a hike on a glacier, a visit with sled dogs, or a float plane ride above the Alaskan fjords.


With white sand beaches, turquoise oceans, waterfalls, and jungles, Fiji can feel like it isn’t even real, in the best possible way. An archipelago of more than 300 islands, Fiji is a perfect place to unwind far away from it all. Float in a lagoon on Viti Levu, hike in Bouma National Heritage Park, or visit the Garden of the Sleeping Giant. If you’re into being pampered, all-inclusive resorts are plentiful in Fiji, as well.


Known as “The Island of the Gods,” Bali has white sand beaches, black sand beaches, and the highest diversity of marine species on the planet. One way to get off the grid is to swim under it—and the sights you’ll see while exploring Bali’s coral reefs will wash away the stress caused by even your most difficult client.


If you avoid the popular tourist spots, Hawaii is the perfect place to unplug. Consider hiking through Haleakala, a huge volcano on the island of Maui. Or skip the more popular islands altogether and check out Molokai, a lesser-known destination that is committed to remaining as untouched as possible. There, you’ll find an artists’ sanctuary and multiple wellness resorts.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Of the 32 islands and cays that make up St. Vincent and the Grenadines (nicknamed “SVG”), only nine are inhabited. That fits the bill for an off-the-grid tropical paradise, right? If you’re craving a Caribbean getaway but want to avoid the crowds, you’ll love the thatched-roof cottages, warm temperatures, and beautiful beaches of SVG.

Have you ever been totally off the grid for at least a few days? How was it?


It’s tough to travel farther south than Patagonia—literally. Home to six national parks, the area shared between Chili and Argentina at the southernmost tip of South America includes deserts, forests, fjords, and glaciers … and is simply stunning. There’s a reason Patagonia has found a place on many a lawyer’s bucket list.

Cook Islands

The 15 islands that make up the Cooks are halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand, which is about as off-the-grid as it gets. If you’re in search of bright blue waters, white sand beaches, and year-round perfect weather a world away, the Cook Islands might be for you. Aitutaki, perhaps the most beautiful lagoon in the world, is a can’t-miss.   


Home to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons, a trip to Wyoming can feel like a trip to another world. Hike around Old Faithful, visit a natural hot spring or take in the crystal-clear waters of Lake Jenny, and you’ll be overcome by the beauty you might not have realized America even had. Heads up, lawyers with kids: Wyoming’s national parks are a great family-friendly option.

Sedona, Arizona

It’s only about two hours from Phoenix, but it doesn’t feel like it. Nestled among the scenic vistas of Red Rock State Park, Sedona is a great option for lawyers in search of wellness. Yoga, meditation, and spa treatments are popular activities here, as are the more than 100 hiking trails. If you’re into spiritual attractions, check out the vortexes, believed to be the intersections of natural electromagnetic earth energy that cause everything near them to swirl like a tornado.

African Safari

Lions, and elephants, and leopards—oh my! It doesn’t get more off the grid than a wildlife safari in Africa. Whether you play it rustic and set up camp or prefer luxury accommodations, there’s a match for every kind of lawyer. Your cell phone probably won’t work even if you want it to, but trust us, you won’t. If you really want a digital detox, look into safari tours that deliberately traverse “tech-dead zones.”

Remember: Whether you choose to vacation off the grid or remain on it, it’s important to disconnect from work when you can. Taking time away helps reduce the stress all lawyers are subject to, and allows you to recharge and return to the firm refreshed and ready to get back to the grind.