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Vacation Ideas for Lawyers

  • You’ve earned a vacation, but what is the best kind of vacation for a busy lawyer?
  • Consider vacation locations where your firm has an office to make checking in easier, or kill two birds with one stone by trying a CLE vacation package
  • If you’re on a budget, discount sites or renting a vacation home with a group can be an affordable option—or consider a relaxing staycation

You’ve worked long hours, volunteered to work on deals, and haven’t had a day off in months—you’ve earned a relaxing vacation.

Lawyers have special considerations when away from the office; for instance, disconnecting from cell service and a strong wi-fi connection are not a possibility. So what kind of vacation is ideal for a busy lawyer?

Vacation Where Your Firm Has an Office

When choosing a vacation destination, consider other locations where your firm may have an office. It’s super easy to briefly pop into your firm’s Brazil, Hawaii, New York, or Paris office for an hour or so every morning or evening. This way, you are assured all the comforts of your home office, with no worries about the wi-fi cutting out or having trouble making phone calls.

Try a CLE Vacation Package

Depending on your state and how long you’ve been practicing, you will be required to complete a certain number of Continuing Legal Education credits per year. The American Bar Association and the National Bar Association have both created CLE vacation packages for lawyers and their families. The associations organize trips from cruises to weekends at Disney Land, with destinations such as Orlando, India, and Toronto. The beauty of this type of vacation is the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone: Complete your required education credits and take a deserved vacation at the same time.

If You’re on a Budget (and You Should Be)

Sure, you make a great salary, but you may be paying a hefty sum in law school loans and/or rent every month, and you’re trying to stick to a reasonable budget. A vacation is part of that budget as long as you don’t go overboard.

You don’t necessarily need the luxurious hotels or exotic beaches to feel like you “got away.” Think about what kind of places or activities make you feel most relaxed on the weekends. How could you incorporate one of those locations or activities into a vacation that’s relaxing yet more budget-friendly?

Vacation discount sites, like Travelzoo, often have amazing, all-inclusive deals. You can also cobble together your own affordable trip by using AirBnB and choosing a location you can drive to. Or, try spreading the cost out among a group of your friends and rent a vacation home on a beach or a lake.

Consider a Staycation

Planning a vacation often comes with its own form of stress—scheduling, finding proper accommodations, and the special hell that traveling by plane has become. And sometimes, there is nothing more enjoyable than sleeping late in your own bed, bingeing on Netflix, and enjoying local pleasures.

The beauty of a staycation is the ability to do anything you want, including nothing at all. You can pretend to be a tourist and see some sites, visit museums and art galleries, or lose yourself in a good book you’ve been meaning to get to. You can even curate a specific kind of staycation—a foodie adventure involving the hottest restaurants and bars, or a nature staycation where you explore parks, zoos, and botanical gardens. The possibilities are limited only by your interests and imagination.