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When You Have Time—Books for Dog Lovers

  • Law school and working as a lawyer can make the idea of reading for fun seem impossible
  • Read—or listen—when you can, and you’ll likely recall just how much fun reading fiction can be
  • Try an instant hit like the popular A Dog’s Purpose or terrify yourself with the old school horror classic Cujo

Now, we know that years of law school followed by constantly being drowned in briefs and contracts and reams of other documents can all but kill a person’s love of reading.

Not to mention, who has the time? But even the lawyer life can’t keep a fiction lover down, so why not carve out a bit of time to read whenever you can? There’s literally something for everyone in the fiction world, including those of us who are sappy, crazy dog lovers. Check out these wildly different books for those who are crazy about canines. (All also available as audiobooks, of course.)

The Art of Racing in the Rain, Garth Stein

This often heart-breaking story is told through the eyes of Enzo, a dog owned by an up-and-coming race car driver named Denny. Enzo knows he is different from other dogs; he understands what he sees and hears and is quite wise about the human condition. He helps Denny through many personal hardships and loves a good racing metaphor.

A Dog’s Purpose, W. Bruce Cameron

A Dog’s Purpose can definitely be a tear-jerker for the soft-hearted among us. One dog searches for his purpose as he is reincarnated over several lifetimes. Not only will this one make you cry, but its protagonist, Bailey, will make you laugh. So popular that a movie version was made in 2017, Cameron’s novel is now considered a classic dog book.

Cujo, Stephen King

Not every dog is sweetness and light, and neither is every dog book. Cujo is a psychological horror classic that features a huge, rabid St. Bernard terrorizing a woman and her young son stuck in their inoperable car in dangerous heat. If you’re familiar with the movie, you might be surprised by the extra details and differences in the book.

Tomorrow, Damian Dibben

Get this: In 1800s Venice, a 217-year-old dog has, for most of his life, been desperately searching for the beloved master who made him immortal. Tomorrow is a unique version of the usual from-the-dog’s-perspective story, incorporating historical fiction and a touch of realistically played fantasy into a story that is ultimately about love, loyalty, and family.

Happy reading!