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Yes, You Can Have Fun at Work

  • People don’t usually think of “fun” when they think of lawyers, but even legal eagles should expect some occasional fun at work
  • Having a laugh together can help colleagues bond and reduce stress, which in turn can eventually help focus and productivity
  • You can have fun in and outside of the office—just be creative and flexible

The word “lawyer” conjures up many images and words, but it’s safe to assume that the word “fun” isn’t usually one of the first to pop into most of our heads.

People often believe that lawyering has to be stressful, tedious, and boring—and some of those people are themselves lawyers!

No job is a barrel of laughs every day no matter your profession or career stage. Regardless of what you do for a living, there will be paperwork and meetings and annoying coworkers and boring details to contend with. But if you’re in the right profession, you should also be able to occasionally find fun at work—yes, even if you’re a lawyer.

Fun in the Office

Sure, your cases are most likely serious business possibly involving someone’s freedom or billions of dollars, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a moment to unwind and have a few laughs. We already know the importance of taking breaks and how engaging in a fun activity for a bit can help you better focus on work. So why not dedicate a space in your firm for people to do just that? Consider setting up a comfortable space in your firm where people can go to relax, do something fun, and zone out every now and then. Set up some puzzles, a chess board—be creative.

Another way to make the office more enjoyable is to celebrate whenever possible. What kinds of celebrations have you had in your office?

Land a big client or finally win a dragged-out, huge case? Treat the entire practice area/office/team to a catered lunch and break out the champagne. You don’t always need a big, important reason to celebrate, either—low-key celebrations “just because” can be a welcome distraction and easy way to foster bonds among colleagues. You can also consider the occasional silly contest, such as on Halloween or during other holidays.

Wellness can be a source of pleasure, as can any action that helps alleviate stress. Wellness activities are being incorporated into office life more often these days, and has tangible benefits for both lawyers and the firm. How about offering a monthly yoga class? The occasional guided meditation? A massage therapist who works exclusively on shoulders and backs?

Fun Outside of the Office

If you’re not against hanging out with your colleagues outside of the office, starting a softball team or bowling league can be a great way to have fun while getting some exercise. A monthly karaoke outing or bar trivia competition might be more your office’s speed—whatever works for your people. The point is, it can be good for your group to get out of the office and just do something together.

And remember: The term “fun” is relative. Getting a group of lawyers together to volunteer and help others can be rewarding and enjoyable. Find something that is outside of what you do at the office every day to make volunteering feel less like work and bask in the positive glow of giving back.

What's Next

Can you think of ways to add some fun to your office? Try them over the next few weeks.