Strong Woman: Boxing for Fitness, Stress Management, and Your Confidence

  • Boxing and kickboxing burn fat and calories effectively and quickly
  • The ability to defend yourself and feel strong raises confidence levels
  • Exercise releases endorphins and helps relieve stress by allowing you to get your aggression out

Exercise should be part of everyone’s regular routine, but one type of fitness training continues to attract more women: Boxing and kickboxing.

These types of classes are hugely popular, thanks to the workout’s lightning-quick fat-burning, its full-body toning and muscle-building powers, and the way it inspires confidence in women who need a pick-me-up after a long day at the office. Particularly for women navigating male-dominated fields, punching and kicking away stress can be enormously beneficial, building muscle, self-esteem, and mental armor all at the same time.

A Great All-Around Workout

First and foremost, boxing and kickboxing are highly effective. An excellent cardiovascular workout, kickboxing especially burns a ton of calories—depending on your weight, estimates go from about 600 to as high as 800 calories an hour. That kind of intense exercise can help you get rid of belly fat, and lower your chances of developing complications related to excess weight, like diabetes and heart disease. It targets every area of your body at once, since the movements require your entire body to be involved. So you get a magical blend of serious calorie burning and muscle building at the same time—peak efficiency.


Beyond just being a good workout, boxing and kickboxing can gift women with invaluable skills, including the wherewithal and strength to defend themselves in dicey situations. Classes where the instructor explains why and when you might use a particular move are the most helpful if self-defense is part of your goal. It can be quite empowering to know that you can cause some damage and get yourself out of a sticky situation if necessary.

Have you taken boxing or a self-defense class? Did it make you feel empowered and as if you can handle yourself in an emergency?

Stress Relief and Confidence

No matter how far women have come and the strides that continue to be made, the law is still a male-dominated industry, and it’s not unusual for women to feel their confidence level is getting battered by operating in such a space for hours every day. Feeling like you can kick some butt raises confidence and just plain makes you feel good. Boxing allows women to release aggression and lower stress levels—there’s nothing like imagining a punch square in the face of your most condescending, annoying colleague. And you feel so much better after that’s out of your system!

Exercise releases endorphins, and group classes—which kickboxing classes usually are—tend to increase the endorphins released, researchers have found. Besides flooding your body with feel-good chemicals, this type of intense exercise helps you in other ways, such as with sleep, and what lawyer doesn’t need help getting better sleep? Better, more restful sleep leads to a more focused, sharper mind.