Why You Should Leave Work Early

  • Don’t push yourself; you won’t get as much done if you’re stressed
  • Enjoy the little things, such as time with friends and nice weather
  • People with a good work-life balance are happier and work more effectively

Even though it might literally seem counterproductive, getting out of the office on time or even early can be incredibly beneficial.

Working in a law firm, even if it’s your dream job, raises stress levels thanks to the high-pressure environment, long hours, and often steep corporate ladders to climb. However, there are plenty of good reasons to occasionally leave work early, so give yourself a break and head out before 6 every now and then.

Don’t push yourself

It’s a relatively simple concept: If you’re overworked and stressed, you’ll end up getting fewer things done and producing less work. Can you think of a time when that’s been true for you?

Between juggling clients, hours in court, and everything else that might be happening within the firm, it can be easy to feel like you’re drowning. If you give yourself a break once in a while, you can argue your next case and tackle your next challenge with a clearer head, so head out of work early instead of staying late into the night, surrounded by mounting piles of paperwork and email notifications.

Enjoy the little things

If you spend all your time in the office surrounded by legal jargon and your coworkers, you’ll start to go a little crazy (even if you like spending time with your colleagues), and you might start to resent your work life. Being stuck inside with yet another brief to review can feel painful on a particularly nice day, so the next time it’s sunny and breezy, don’t miss out. Staying late is for rainy, snowy, or cold days — take off early when it’s perfect outside, head to a bar or café, and spend some time in the sunshine with a tasty beverage. Life is too short to miss out.

Your job isn’t everything

A well-adjusted and effective worker has a life beyond the office, and that’s especially true for lawyers. Law can feel all-consuming at times, so in those moments, turn to your friends and family to make sure your brain isn’t eating itself over your latest assignment or client and let them distract you by helping you get out to have some fun. Next time you feel like you’re going crazy at the office, text your friend or partner, set up a time to meet, and head out a little bit early if you can. It’ll invigorate you to be even more productive going forward.

What's Next

In the next two weeks, find a day you can finish up your tasks and leave the office early. Go for a walk in the sun, meet up with your partner for some quality relationship time, or meet up with friends to get an early jump on the weekend. Just get outta there early!