Mark Your Calendar: Money-Saving Dates in July

  • Even if you make a great salary, saving money is smart—and can be fun!
  • Take advantage of big money-saving opportunities from Amazon Prime Day to small indulgences like Free Slurpee Day
  • Parents can save money by shopping during back-to-school holidays—those days fall in July for Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee

No matter how hard you work at your firm or how impressive your paycheck, it’s still a great idea to save money where you can, whether you’re saving for a much-needed vacation, prepping for retirement, or just want to be responsible.

Luckily for you, July is a perfect month for saving opportunities, so check out ways for you, your friends, your legal colleagues, and your family to save this summer and still have plenty of fun.

Amazon Prime Day (TBD)

No date has been officially announced for this mega-sale from the world’s largest online retailer, but since it usually falls during mid-July, you can start planning for it now. Everything from headphones to cult-favorite Instapots to Amazon’s own Kindles usually find their way into the sale, so even though you’ll have to act fast to score some of these amazing deals, you can prepare yourself with a wish list way in advance.

National Hot Dog Day (July 17)

Hot dogs are the epitome of a cheap eat, so why not save a few bucks on a day celebrating this super-approachable, all-American food? Grab a hot dog on National Hot Dog Day for just a few dollars wherever you can, or better yet, serve up your own and throw a hot dog themed party. Lots of spots around the country are sure to offer hot dog themed deals as well.

Back-to-School Holidays

Three states—Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee—offer discounts in July to help families save a little money when back-to-school shopping. Alabama’s period is July 19-21 and offers discounts on everything from clothing to computer paper; in Mississippi, you can score discounts on clothing, shoes, and supplies from July 26-27; and in Tennessee, from July 26-28, get discounted clothing, art supplies, and computers.

Summertime Baseball Deals

If you’re looking for activities that include the whole family this summer, look into the MLB’s list of summer-long baseball deals, which include everything from discounted tickets to face-painting for kids. For example, the Chicago Cubs have Sunday kid specials, and if you’re a Red Sox fan, a free membership in their kid’s club will even get you a free ticket to your next game.

Free Slurpee Day (July 11)

Celebrate 7/11 on July 11 with their Free Slurpee Day. Each customer gets a small Slurpee in any flavor. On a hot July day, there’s nothing better than a cold, sweet, refreshing Slurpee.

Can you find other July deals? Oh…and what’s your favorite Slurpee flavor?

National Ice Cream Day (July 21)

The third Sunday in July is always National Ice Cream Day, and this year, that Sunday is July 21. Summer is all about ice cream, and if you’re looking for the most delicious way to cool down, check your local ice cream shops as well as indulging in deals at big chains like Ben & Jerry’s and Baskin Robbins. Yum!