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Quiz: Am I Happy?

My days tend to feel...

Which statement do you agree with more?

I don't have enough time to do the things I enjoy.

I've had some tough times but I'm feeling pretty good about how far I've come.

I feel like I have...

I feel like I'm growing as a person every year

How stressed are you?

I _____ feel grateful for what I have

I have a full life

I have professional or personal relationships that are meaningful to me

It doesn’t seem like you’re all that happy.

That’s ok. Being a lawyer, and really being an adult, is difficult. And law school definitely doesn’t prepare you to balance all the demands on you after you graduate, both professionally and personally. There are concrete things you can do in the short- and long-term to start turning things around. Even small changes can help you feel better, gain momentum and move in the right direction. We’re suggesting additional content and related actions to get you going and help you stay on track.

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You seem okay.

We had a hard time coming to a firm conclusion about your happiness level. It’s likely that you’re somewhere in the middle, sometimes fairly happy and at times less so. That’s alright. Being a lawyer is tough and you seem to balancing things pretty well, but you could be doing better. Continue on with our suggested content and follow through on taking actions offline to keep upping your happiness level.

We’re happy, because you seem to be.

All indications are that you’re feeling pretty swell. That makes us smile. However, we all have areas that we could improve upon, and there’s no ceiling on how happy you can be. We’ve suggested content to leverage your existing happiness to add even more joy into your life.

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