Quiz: Is Your Job Affecting Your Sleep (and Your Health)?

I have trouble relaxing or enjoying myself when I'm not working.

Even late at night when I'm in bed, I worry about missing important emails.

I leave the my phone on with the sound up overnight even while I'm asleep so I don't miss an important email.

I often wake up earlier than my alarm because I'm stressed about what I need to do during the day.

At night, I often lie in bed worrying about all I need to get done at work the next day.

I often wake up in the morning feeling exhausted, as if I barely slept.

I feel like I need a drink or two in the evening to help me sleep better.

I rely on sleeping pills or antidepressants to help me fall asleep.

During busy times, I tend to have anxiety dreams that wake me up in the middle of the night.

I'm tired enough in the afternoon that I have trouble focusing on the work at hand.

I need to drink coffee throughout the day to keep me alert enough to do my job.

You know this already, but you’re not getting enough rest.

You must be tired. We’re not going to tell you to simply get more sleep because it’s not that simple. You have work demands and other obligations to focus on and sleep falls by the wayside. But in the short term, try to focus on minor changes you can implement immediately to squeeze out just a bit more shut-eye. Small changes can make a big difference. Finding out where your time goes can also help you find out where you can save some wasted time and convert it into sleep.

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Your sleeping situation is a bit like your dreams, sometimes good and sometimes, well, you’re showing up naked to your Civ Pro lecture.

You’re doing well getting sleep some of the time. Stress, especially when dealing with demanding clients and colleagues, can spike at certain times in the flow of a transaction or case. These might be times when you have trouble sleeping. Finding ways to alleviate stress at these moments through exercise, meditation, or improving your organizational techniques can help.

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Well done, you’re sleeping better than most.

This is not easy to do as a lawyer. Keep it up. Another area you might want to focus on that’s integral to your health is exercise and diet. Healthy approaches in these two areas combined with a healthy sleep schedule will set you on a course for feeling your best for every billable hour of the day.


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