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12 Tips for a Successful Job Search

  • Create structure to your job search process to help measure your progress and help keep you motivated
  • Keep moving – meeting people and exercising will energize you and help you move forward
  • Rely on your professional and personal connection for knowledge, introductions and ongoing support

No Jurdu lawyer is the same and neither is their search for their next role. Who you are will not only be reflected in what type of role you’re looking for, but in how you approach looking for it.

Still, while the specific flavor of how you go looking for that next job will vary on your personality and preferences, there are some universal best practices to be aware of. Be sure to incorporate these generally into your search, in your own distinct way that works for you.

Create Structure

A daily schedule, along with a more general weekly or monthly view, means that you’re not only looking and thinking ahead, but more likely to accomplish the tasks you’re setting out to do. With an amorphous approach, you’re less likely to do the specific things necessary to secure that job that will work better for you.

Commit the Time

Decide on a certain number of hours per day to devote to job searching, and stick with it. Again, having a daily structure will make you more likely to stick to your plan, and course correct if you stray. Set a specific target and keep track of how you’re doing as the days progress.

Get Up and Get Dressed

If you are no longer at the firm or not going into the office regularly, make sure to get up at a decent time and get dressed every day (in something other than gym clothes). You’ll have more structure to your days and get more done.

Get Out

If you’re staying cooped up in your home, you’ll likely struggle maintaining a high energy level, making you less productive. Take breaks, walk outside, work out of a coffee shop for a bit and just enjoy the flexibility you have in your days.

Get the Blood Flowing

Exercise, whether by going to the gym, doing a quick run outside, or walking around the block. Getting up and moving around is an easy way to increase your energy level, renew your focus, and improve your perspective.

Rely on Those Around You

Rally and use your support system. Your support system can help you reformulate your strategy or set some smaller or interim goals for yourself. If you’re struggling at all, search Jurdu and the Community for answers, or talk to a coach (stay tuned for this Jurdu feature!).

Treat Yourself

Feed your soul: Do one activity every day that you love.

Stay Organized

It can be overwhelming to have so many tasks floating around you. Write them down and incorporate them into a larger organizational system that fits your style, and it all becomes that more much manageable.

Connect Online

Do not isolate yourself. The best results happen when you talk with other people, not when you hide behind your computer.

Connect in the Real World

Meeting people, having pleasant conversation, perhaps learning about what other people are up to and what they do for a living, this is all helpful perspective to have when you’re searching for that next role. The more you get out of your own bubble, the bigger the world and your world of opportunity become.

Maintain a Positive Attitude

If you need a boost, read some inspiring stories about lawyers who have happily landed in their positions. It’ll spark some ideas and likely serve as uplifting motivation to help you to stay on track to get where you want to be. Maintaining a positive attitude helps you to focus and put your best foot forward each day.

These tips are not one size fits all, but they are helpful guidelines to keep you on a positive trajectory. You’re already doing well by reading this; next thing to do is incorporate these practices into your daily routine.

What's Next

Write an action plan incorporating the rules above that you can refer to along the way to make sure you stay on track.