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Getting the Most out of Jurdu Premium


We’re approaching your law career and lifestyle differently than anywhere else, so the way we organize our information, and your experience here, will also be different.

Okay, let’s get you started!

Below is an overview of key aspects of Jurdu to help you get the most out of your Jurdu experience and, by extension, your lawyer life.

Global Note: Take Notes

We’re going to make you think. We’re going to make you take action. We’re going to try to hold you accountable. This is how positive change happens. We recommend you take notes on what you’re thinking, how you’re progressing, what epiphanies you’ve had, what’s been tough, and what’s been surprisingly easy. Pick whatever is easiest for you. It can be a Word/Excel doc on your desktop, Microsoft OneNote, the Notes app on your iPhone, Google Keep, a Drive doc, a journal, or a simple pad of paper. Whatever gets you to put down your thoughts consistently.

Intake Quiz/Your Frontpage

We encourage you to take an Intake Quiz. This diagnostic allows us to learn more about you and helps us start you off with guidance and content uniquely suited to you. This tailored content will continue to show up when you return to Your Frontpage (get here by clicking on your screen name on the top right of your screen).

Saved for Later

You’ll come across a lot of great content on Jurdu. Each piece of content will have a small icon you can click on to save it for later reference in Saved for Later (get here by clicking on your screen name on the top right of your screen). Give it a shot and start by saving this one!

Reflection Points/What’s Next

Thinking is great, but it must be combined with action. As you experience our content, we prompt you toward further thought by including Reflection Points. Take these as an opportunity to really ponder the questions being asked and write down your thoughts if you can (see Global Notes: Take Notes, supra). But we also prompt you to turn this thinking into action. Our What’s Next prompts are where we encourage you to take action, experiment, and generally try something new.

Tracking Your Work/Polar Charts

Your What’s Next action prompts will be logged in Tracking Your Work (get there by clicking on your screen name on the top right of your screen). We intend for this section to guide you toward real change by serving as an accountability tool for you to take the actions we’ve suggested. Tracking Your Work will also show Polar Charts indicating which areas you’ve focused on the most so you can see where you’re putting in your efforts, which is likely to correlate with improvement in those areas.


This is where you can engage with your fellow attorneys, share knowledge and experiences, exchange tips and tricks with each other, and enter to win contests. Being a lawyer is often isolating, and lawyers tend to feel alone in their experiences due to lack of candid conversations in legal environments. Sidebar is where you can have real conversations with lawyers, and you can help, support, and even entertain each other.

Now, it’s time for you to get started improving your lawyer life. We’re excited you’re on board and we’re ready to Help You Live Better!